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Almonas, a biological fungicide, containing rhizobacteria, specifically Pseudomonas fluorescens, to effectively combat pathogens and enhance plant health. This product achieves disease control by competing pathogens for resources in the substrate. Comprising a minimum of 1.50% Pseudomonas fluorescens spores (1x108 CFUs/ml) and a growth medium with osmotic stabilizers and dispersal agents making up the remaining 98.50%, Almonas provides protection against pathogens by releasing secondary metabolites with antibiosis effects on these harmful organisms. Pseudomonas fluorescens, known for its greenish fluorescent pigment production, plays a pivotal role in suppressing plant diseases, protect seeds and roots against fungal infections.


Almonas provides protection across a diverse range of crops, including arecanut, vegetables, fruits, and more. It effectively controls diseases caused by pathogens such as Pynicularia oryzae, Alternaria sp., Rhizoctonia solani, Fusarium sp., and Sclerotia homorcarpa, responsible for root rot, root wilt, seedling rot, and collar rot in various crops. The target diseases for Almonas include cotton root rot and wilt, damping-off in vegetable crops, clubroot disease in cabbage and cauliflower, and anthracnose in mango and banana. Furthermore, Almonas contributes to soil health improvement. To apply Almonas effectively, mix 2-3 ml per liter of water for seed treatments, drip irrigation, FYM, or soil application for individual plants (using 2 ml per 2 grams per liter of water). Almonas not only controls diseases but also enhances overall plant health, resulting in improved crop yields.



Amruth Organics

Effective against

Root rot, root wilt, seedling rot and collar rot disease on all crops.

Organic/ Inorganic



Pseudomonas fluorescence sp & Growth Media & Dispersal agent

Available form


Solubility in Water


Method of application

Foliar spray

Application dosage

4 ml/ Ltr of water

Suitable crops

All crops