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Magnite by Coramandel International Ltd. is a versatile and broad-spectrum fungicide that effectively combines preventive, systemic, and curative actions. Its active ingredients are Azoxystrobin and Difenoconazole. This product plays a crucial role in resistance management and stands out for its rapid uptake and movement within plants, exhibiting translaminar and xylem-systemic properties. Classified under the combination of Strobilurin & Triazole category, Magnite is compatible with a wide range of insecticides and fungicides commonly available in the market, with exceptions for highly acidic or alkaline products. The versatile application dosage, ranging from 1 ml per liter of water to 500 liters per hectare, ensures its suitability for a variety of crops.


Farmers rely on Magnite to protect their crops effectively and enhance yield. The combination of two powerful active ingredients ensures peak performance and disease management. The compatibility of Magnite with a wide range of agricultural chemicals allowing the farmers to integrate into their pest and disease management strategies. With no phytotoxicity concerns at the recommended dosage, Magnite provides a safe and reliable solution for crop protection and yield optimization.



Coramandel International Ltd.

Effective against pest/disease

Downy mildew, rust, Early & late blight, blast

Organic/ Inorganic



Azoxystrobin and Difenoconazole.

Available form


Solubility in Water


Method of application

Foliar spray

Application dosage

1 ml/ Ltr water

Suitable crop

Tomato, paddy, maize