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Dr Soil Health Areca Special

Dr Soil Health Areca Special

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It is specifically recommended for arecanut crops and it is beneficial for the crop used as bio fertilizer and also maintains the soil PH

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Dr. Soil Health Adike Special is a specialized biotechnology product tailored to meet the unique needs of arecanut cultivation. Developed by SBTL and marketed through Way2Agribusiness India Pvt Ltd, this is designed to revolutionize the arecanut farming. Dr Soil Health Adike Special comprises a blend of plant extracts, essential micro and macro nutrients, humic and fulvic acids, vitamins, and amino acids, all sourced from natural plant origins. This organic fertilizer and bio fertilizer serves a multifaceted role by facilitating efficient nutrient absorption, stimulating root and shoot growth, maintaining optimal soil pH, fostering beneficial microorganism growth, and aiding in carbon fixation. Areca Special works in synergy to enhance soil fertility, structure, and overall health for ensuring the long-term sustainability of arecanut crops.


For optimal results, apply Adike Special thrice in a year to consistently enrich the soil and boost crop yields. The recommended initial dosage is 1.5 cans, followed by subsequent applications of 1 can each time. Application methods vary based on crop height and specific requirements and incorporate soil drenching by diluting at a rate of 5 liters per 500 liters of water, employ broadcasting by mixing 50 kg of soil with a 5-liter solution, and utilize foliar spray with a mixture of 10 ml per liter of water. The advantage is higher crop yields and improved crop quality, ultimately leading to greater profitability for arecanut growers. Notably, Areca Special contains a higher percentage of boron and potash compared to normal Dr. Soil Health, assisting in retaining more beans/nuts on the plant by reducing dropping and cracking issues.



Samarth Bio Tech Ltd.

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Organic/ Inorganic



All nutrients & beneficial microorganisms

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Solubility in water


Method of application

Drenching, broadcast and foliar spray

Application dosage

10 ml/ Ltr of water

Quantity per acre

5 Ltrs