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Amruth Gold plus

Amruth Gold plus

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Amruth Gold Plus, a comprehensive organic manure product enriched with 12 different organic ingredients and superior-quality raw materials. This fully composted solution is enhanced with Azospirillum and Phosphorus Solubilizing bacteria, along with various oilseed cakes, including Neem cake, Pongamia cake, Groundnut cake, and Cottonseed cake. Amruth Gold Plus boasts essential macro-nutrients like Nitrogen (2.6%), Phosphorous (2.22%), and Potash (3.4%), ensuring comprehensive plant growth, soil fertility improvement, reduced flower/fruit dropping, and increased flower numbers, resulting in enhanced crop yields.


Primary role of Amruth Gold Plus revolves around providing plants with vital nutrients, promoting their complete and healthy growth, and simultaneously enriching and sustaining soil fertility. Notably, Amruth Gold Plus possesses natural insecticidal properties, offering an organic approach to pest control. It caters to a broad spectrum of agricultural applications, including commercial crops, fruit crops, and food crops. Embracing this organic manure not only aligns with environmental sustainability but also fosters healthier soil, robust plant development, and decreased dependence on chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Application methods encompass soil incorporation at 350 to 400 kg per acre or direct application to individual plants at a rate of 1 to 2 kg per plant. In summary, Amruth Gold Plus emerges as a advantageous choice for farmers committed to preserving ecological equilibrium while optimizing agricultural productivity.



Amruth Organics

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Nitrogen- 2.6%, Phosphorous- 2.22% & Potash- 3.4%.

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350 kg