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4 G Raghurami Reddy

Calson is a good product. It helps to improve fruit growth and yeild .And reduce fruit loss

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Calsan MG is a unique suspension formulated with calcium nitrate enriched with magnesium, designed to bolster plant health and optimize fruit production. Its application during various growth stages ensures robust vegetative development and fortifies the plant's structure, fostering the growth of sturdy fruits. By nurturing healthy cell walls and stimulating chlorophyll production, Calsan MG contributes to enhanced fruit quality, ensuring bountiful yields of high-caliber produce. This innovative solution contains a balanced composition of essential nutrients including nitrogen and nitrate nitrogen, providing the necessary fuel for vigorous growth. Additionally, its water-soluble calcium and magnesium components promote nutrient absorption, while the inclusion of chloride and pH solution further optimizes the plant's physiological processes. Calsan MG's versatility makes it an invaluable asset throughout the plant's lifecycle, from early flowering to fruit maturation, ensuring consistent and optimal growth patterns. With its comprehensive nutrient profile, Calsan MG stands as a reliable partner in cultivating thriving crops and maximizing agricultural yields.


Calsan revolutionizes calcium supplementation with its superior efficiency compared to conventional calcium salts, offering a transformative solution for agricultural enhancement. By optimizing calcium uptake, Calsan fosters robust growth, resulting in amplified yields while mitigating the risks of fruit and flower drop, as well as common issues like cracking and spoilage. Moreover, its application translates to elevated fruit quality, manifesting in a glossy exterior and unparalleled taste, thus appealing to both growers and consumers alike. Calsan's mechanism extends beyond mere growth stimulation; it intricately regulates nutrient flow within the roots and plant cells, ensuring comprehensive nourishment and sustained vitality. With versatile application methods including drenching at a concentration of 10 ml per liter of water and foliar spray at 5-6 ml per liter of water, Calsan offers flexibility in integration into various agricultural practices, be it through foliar spraying, drip irrigation, or drenching methods. In essence, Calsan emerges as a cornerstone in modern agricultural practices, heralding a new era of efficiency, yield optimization, and produce quality.



Samarth Bio Tech Ltd.

Suitable crops

All crops

Organic/ Inorganic



Suspension of calcium nitrate fortified with magnesium

Available form


Solubility in water


Method of application

Foliar spray, Drip & Drenching

Application dosage

5-6 ml/ ltr of water

Quantity per acre

1 Ltr