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Aquafert FPOV

Aquafert FPOV

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Aquafert Foliar Potato, Onion and Vegetables (FPOV) is a specialized water-soluble fertilizer developed by Rallis India Ltd exclusively for a diverse range of vegetable crops, with the exception of leafy greens. This foliar nutrition solution has NPKS ratio of 5:11:35:5 formulated to elevate crop productivity and quality significantly. Aquafert FPOV has blend of essential nutrients, featuring vital micronutrients like zinc, iron, manganese, copper, and molybdenum, all customized to cater to the unique nutritional demands of vegetables during their critical growth phases. Aquafert FPOV is best applied as a foliar spray, providing crops with the precise nutrients they require to thrive.


Aquafert FPOV is highly advantageous for the farmers who grow vegetables including potato and onion. This fertilizer simplifies the fertilization process by offering a comprehensive nutritional package in a single application. This fertilizer plays a pivotal role in stimulating healthier flowering, fruit development. Consequently, this results in amplified crop yields and enhanced crop quality. To maximize its efficacy, the recommended dosage varies according to different vegetable types, accompanied by specific application timings for optimal outcomes.



Rallis India Ltd

Suitable crops

Tomato, chilli, cabbage, potato & onion

Organic/ Inorganic



N-5, P-11, K-35, S-5

Available form


Solubility in water


Method of application

Foliar spray

Application dosage

1 kg/ acre/ Spray, through 200 litres solution