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Acuspray Sugarcane

Acuspray Sugarcane

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AcuSpray Sugarcane by Coramandel International Ltd is a specialized solution designed to deliver well-rounded nutrition to sugarcane crops. With a NPK nutrient composition of 12:26:20 and the inclusion of vital elements like Sulfur (S), Zinc (Zn), Boron (B), Magnesium (Mg), and Iron (Fe), this tailored fertilizer precisely meets the nutritional demands of sugarcane. Its customized application, aligning with the specific requirements and growth stages of sugarcane, ensures that the crop receives essential nutrients at the right time. Gromor AcuSpray Sugarcane addresses a substantial portion, approximately 30-40%, of the plant's micronutrient needs, contributing to disease and drought resistance while boosting crop yield. Its rich sulfur content further promotes leaf size and overall plant growth.


For optimal results, apply Gromor AcuSpray Sugarcane as a foliar spray at a concentration of 1.5% (15 grams per liter) during the tillering stage, initiating approximately 50 days after planting and repeating at 15-20 day intervals until reaching 100 days of crop growth. Experience healthier and more productive sugarcane plants, resulting in increased cane weight, improved quality with higher brix levels, clear juice, and enhanced resistance to various stressors. This fertilizer's ability to reduce crop loss by minimizing lodging, pests, and diseases significantly contributes to overall crop health and productivity. The high sulfur content plays a pivotal role in boosting leaf size and plant vigor.



Coramandel International Ltd.

Suitable crops


Organic/ Inorganic



N-12, P-26, K-20

Available form


Solubility in water


Method of application

Foliar spray

Application dosage

15 gm/ Ltr of water

Quantity per acre

1 Kg